Monday, 9 February 2015

engaging students while setting up for class

This Faculty Focus post provides a couple of good suggestions to encourage students to actively engage in the course material. The concept map is similar to something I often do at the beginning of my biochemistry classes. While I am setting up for class I will write a quick note on the board asking students to try and write out the reaction pathways and mechanisms that we discussed during the previous class meeting and to invite them to work with those peers sitting beside them. They work on that while I complete setting up my slideshow and notes for the day's class. The activity provides students with a chance to test themselves and compare study strategies with their peers. Often, when I am asked to clear up misunderstandings, it will creep into the time for the current day's topic. But this is fine. It often provides an excellent segue into the subsequent topic in the course.


Fulbright S. 2014. Three Active Learning Strategies That Push Students Beyond Memorization. Facultly Focus July 9.